Innovation and Sustainability

We are closer, we go further.


BERGÉ GEFCO is driven by innovation through continual investment in new technologies, in order to offer the very best service to our customers. We have led the way in deploying a 100% online TMS system that digitalises all our transport processes, and we continue to commit to new solutions such as the MOVEECAR digital platform, as well as supporting the electrification of the automotive sector


Online digital delivery note. New digital process for vehicle damage management. Client dashboards on Power BI

Smart depot

Service tracking and validation at vehicle depots using BIDI codes and HD cameras

Route optimisation

Route and cargo optimisation solution from Europe’s leading mapping and optimisation firm

LPG installation

LPG conversion for petrol and diesel engines

Electric charging pilot scheme

Electric vehicle charging points across our logistics centres


New digital platform for end-to-end vehicle logistics management (Gefco Corporate)


BERGÉ GEFCO has bolstered its ongoing commitment to the environment by striving towards sustainable logistics in the field of automotive distribution.

Measures aimed at reducing the impact of our activity on the environment lie at the very heart of our corporate policies.

Lean & Green Project (AECOC)

CSR: Responsible and Sustainable Purchases (ECOVADIS)

Participation in sustainability and quality forums at ECG, AEOC, AEGFA, ISO, AER, FENEVAL…

ISO9001 and ISO14001 Quality Certifications. Continuous Improvement and Quality Audits (external and internal), KPI monitoring, etc…

We are the first logistics company to be awarded the Lean & Green 1st star for the reduction of 20% of C02 emissions

10% additional reduction in C02 emissions

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