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BERGÉ GEFCO was formed by two major logistics leaders joining forces: BERGÉ – the renowned multimodal logistics operator and Spanish market leader owned by BERGÉ y COMPAÑÍA – and GEFCO Spain, a subsidiary of the GEFCO Group, the global leader in complex supply chain solutions and Europe’s leading automotive logistics firm.

The company is a 50/50 joint venture and brings together the Vehicle Logistics units of both companies in Spain, operated by BERGÉ Automotive Logistics (BAL) and GEFCO FVL.

BERGÉ GEFCO in numbers (*)

The largest Automotive Logistics infrastructure on the Iberian Peninsula

1,7 M



Transporter Trailers


Transporter Lorries

4,2 M

sqm of storage


storage capacity



(*) Figures for 2019

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Stronger together




BERGÉ is the leading multimodal logistics operator in Spain. The company spans a broad structure, specialising in integral vehicle logistics, port operations, value-added logistics, and outsourcing of processes and shipping. In the area of vehicle logistics, it operates more than one million cars across its port terminals. The company forms part of BERGÉ y COMPAÑÍA, which was founded in Bilbao in 1870 and today operates in the shipping, vehicle distribution and logistics sectors in 11 countries with close to 3,500 employees.



At GEFCO, we believe that long-lasting cooperation with our partners is the key to our mutual growth. Boasting over 70 years’ experience, we design and implement intelligent and flexible supply chain solutions in more than 10 industrial sectors. Today, the GEFCO Group is Europe’s leading automotive logistics firm and one of the top 10 global partners in intermodal supply chain solutions. The Group operates in 57 countries, with a network of over 300 destinations and 13,000 employees worldwide. The GEFCO Group recorded a turnover of €4.5 billion in 2019.

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