Logistics solutions

We are closer, we go further.

Your logistics service provider for finished vehicles in Spain

Thanks to significant investments in infrastructure and productive resources, BERGÉ GEFCO is able to offer its clients innovative end-to-end solutions, spanning the entire logistics chain for new and used vehicles.

National transport

Multimodal. Distribution. Special and urgent transport. Lorry transport.

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International Transport

Our entire fleet uses onboard tablets to generate digital transport delivery notes, with digital signatures and online proof of delivery (POD).

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Local transport

We have a dedicated fleet of 125 vehicle transporters for last-mile distribution and home delivery.

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Online access and tracking

Next generation management systems, including a 100% online TMS system. We have also launched the BERGÉ GEFCO Automotive Portal, which offers access to vehicle geo-locations, digital delivery notes, online stock…

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4.2 million sqm of storage space. Daily capacity for 190,000 vehicles.

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40,000 sqm of workshops, with a wide range of services for new and second-hand vehicles.

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This service has been developed by MANHEIM Directo (a company which is owned by BERGÉ and COX Automotive).

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Moveecar platform

Management of logistics services at the end of the production chain.

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Releasing agent

Digital platform for vehicle logistics management.