BERGÉ GEFCO, first spanish logistics operator to be awarded with a Lean & Green star for sustainability

  • AECOC awards BERGÉ GEFCO its first Lean & Green star by certifying a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • The company ratifies in this way its commitment to sustainable logistics launched in 2016.
  • BERGÉ GEFCO becomes the first company in the automotive logistics sector to achieve this distinction.


BERGÉ GEFCO (www.berge-gefco.com) has received its first Lean & Green star, certifying a 20% reduction in CO emissions in its logistics operations between 2016 and 2020.

The certification, awarded by AECOC, the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors, comes after, in 2016, the company implemented a complete strategy to minimize the environmental impact of its logistics activities and evidences the company’s strong commitment to the environment.

The strategy, which has achieved a 20% reduction in CO₂ emissions, has taken into consideration all the processes that integrate storage and transport services, and especially the control and monitoring of the movement of products between the company’s logistics centers to and from the warehouses of other logistics operators, customer points of sale, factories and ports. In addition, during all this time, BERGÉ GEFCO has carried out a continuous review of its logistics processes and introduced sustainable improvements in its Ciempozuelos, Tarragona and Santander centers.

Some of the most important steps that have been taken over the last few years are as follows:

  • Fleet improvement: updating the fleet with EURO 5 and 6 vehicles, thus achieving a reduction in fuel consumption and associated GHG emissions.
  • Route optimization: reduction of empty kilometers driven on each route.
  • Replacement of lighting fixtures with LED technology, both in logistics centers and workshops.
  • Optimization of operating processes in logistics centers, thus reducing internal movements.


The Lean & Green program is structured in five levels, each one with quantifiable greenhouse gas reduction targets. Once the target for each level has been reached, the company is awarded one star, up to a total of five.

“We are extremely pleased to have achieved our first star in such a short space of time and, especially, to be the first company in the sector to achieve this recognition. BERGÉ GEFCO is a leading company, and in this area, as well, we want to lead and set the way forward,” said Benito Caballero, Operations Director of BERGÉ GEFCO. “And of course, we are not going to stop here,” Caballero continued. “Once we have obtained this first star, our goal is to achieve the second one, which would mean reducing CO₂ emissions by another 10% in the next three years.”

The company’s strategy for reaching the next Lean & Green objectives includes the implementation of a training and awareness plan on efficient driving for all drivers in the BERGÉ GEFCO fleet. In addition, the company combines all these specific sustainability measures with a strong commitment to digitalization, implementing in recent years a series of solutions such as e-CMR, TMS, service reports and web access to the status of operations, which promote real-time traceability and provide total transparency to customers.

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